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  • White 0402 LED
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    White 0402 LED

    ROHS approval PLCC 2 led smd 0402 white high brightness good quality. This White led 0402 size smd led normally brightness is 400-800mcd. White color have three type: warm white, neutral white and cool white.
  • Red SMD 0603 LED
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    Red SMD 0603 LED

    red smd 0603 led Low price led chip smd 0603 red led for sale. SMD red 0603 led normally brightness is 60-120mcd, often be used for indicator. This led is top view type. It is a popular product. It has small size, low light decay and long lifespan...
  • SMD 0805 LED Blue Color
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    SMD 0805 LED Blue Color

    SMD 0805 LED Blue Color brightness is 60-120mcd, with wide view angle 120 degree. It is a popular product. It has small size, low light decay and long lifespan advantages and so on. The small size provides more possibilities...
  • SMD 1204 LED Yellow Color
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    SMD 1204 LED Yellow Color

    SMD 1204 LED often we know it is side view SMD 1206 led. SMD 1204 LED Yellow Color common brightness is 60-120mcd, high brightness type is 300-500mcd.
  • 5050 White LED
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    5050 White LED

    The 5050 SMD LED is an electronic component with a size of 5.0mm*5.0mm*1.6mm, and the light intensity can reach 20-24lm (pure white light, slightly lighter than the warm light). The working voltage is the same as that of an ordinary LED, only requiring 3.2-3.4V, the same current, 60MA.
  • SMD 2835 White LED
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    SMD 2835 White LED

    smd 2835 white led is a popular product, widely used for lighting. This is a good choice to use smd 2835 white led for led strip. Typical application: reading lights, uplighters and downlighters, garden lighting, general lighting. Smd 2835 white led have 0.2W and 0.5W.
  • 3528 RGB LED
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    3528 RGB LED

    PLCC4 tricolor (red, green, blue) chip led, suitable for the processing of automatic placement machines. We can provide design and processing of flexible panels, hard panels, flexible strips and hard strips.
  • 3528 Bi-color Smd Led
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    3528 Bi-color Smd Led

    High Bright High Quality PLCC4 Dual Colour 3528 SMD 4 Pins Red Yellow Bi-Color LED Chip, full colors are available.
  • 0603 Purple Led
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    0603 Purple Led

    SMD 0603 purple led we have 395nm and 405nm wavelength, 1608 is another name that they are commonly known as.
  • 1206 Red Blue Led
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    1206 Red Blue Led

    The 1206 SMD is a very small LED that is used in many types of today's popular electronics. The red blue 3216 LED color is bright and unmistakable.
  • 0805 Red White Led
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    0805 Red White Led

    Super bright SMD LED bi-color 0805 25mA bi-color red white led
  • 0805 Rgb Led
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    0805 Rgb Led

    0805 2012 Tri-Color Chip SMD 4-Pin RGB LED Diode
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